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Edinburgh Voices

We interviewed a wide range of people who want to share their story of living in this city. We film them in a place of high significance to them, reflecting place, identity and belonging. Contact us if you would like to write your story in film.

"sharing stories of place and time"

Leith Voices: Mary Moriarty

Mary Moriarty talks of legendary times as landlady of the iconic Port O'Leith pub.

Leith Voices: Leith Victoria

Young boxers Ross Hunter, Thomas Dickson, Ross Welch and their trainer Jack Graham give a candid inside view of the sport at Leith Victoria boxing club - the oldest club in Scotland.

Craigmount Voices: True Colours

Hairdresser Fiona has a unique relationship with her loyal clients.

Leith Voices: The Bugle

Gary, Alex, George, Rosalind, Graham and Andy talk of how The Bugle, an inspirational writing group in Edinburgh has given homeless people a voice. has transformed their lives

Gorgie Voices: Kitchen Porters

Spanish kitchen porters Guillermo and Adrian make a play from their experiences in the kitchen at the Apex Hotel.

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