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Syrian Voices

"it is impossible to watch this film and remain prejudiced"
Edinburgh University screening

"This is a 'kind' film, unlike other documentary films, it addressed a sad and hurting topic but in a very kind way, being Syrian I didn't feel hurt or emotionally distressed at any moment throughout the whole movie -surprisingly it made me laugh with its sense of humour."
Churches for Sanctuary screening
"Syrian Voices is beautiful – positive and sad at the same time, with humour, calmness and beautiful background music whilst at times so haunting"
St Giles screening
" the movie portrays respect, support, kindness and safety"
North Edinburgh Arts Centre

The Welcoming, Edinburgh commissioned us to film three of Edinburgh’s Syrian refugee families over seven months in 2016-7 as they settled into their new life here. The film has been shown at community and educational venues across Edinburgh during the winter of 2017 - 18.  There will be a discussion with the Syrian participants in the film and the film makers following the screening. 


With a powerful soundtrack by Tara Jaff and Malek Janderli, this beautiful and poignant 15 minute film is both positive and sad. What were the families told about Scotland? How did it feel to arrive here and were they welcomed? How did they deal with language barriers and how do they find their local communities? 


Issues of trust and safety emerge as stark differences between their home country and Scotland are revealed. Sometimes it’s not easy to concentrate on an English lesson when your family are still at grave risk in Homs or Aleppo. Questions of the future and the identity of their children conclude this gentle and reflective film.


The film has been made with community engagement in mind. It is not going online and its use is being managed by the families in the film and The Welcoming. Please contact The Welcoming if you would like to screen this film.

***For bookings, please contact The Welcoming at ***

Screenings to date:

  • 9 October - University of Edinburgh, Institute for Education, Community and Society

  • 18 October 2017 – St Giles’ Cathedral Edinburgh

  • 15th November - Edinburgh Napier University, Screen Academy

  • 5 December 2017 – Broomhouse Community Centre

  • 6 December 2017 – Edinburgh Churches for Sanctuary

  • 29th January 2018 - University of Edinburgh, Amnesty Interntional

  • 31 January 2018 – North Edinburgh Arts Centre

  • 9 March 2018 - Goodtrees Community Centre, Moredun

  • 12th March - Royston Wardieburn Community Centre, Chat Cafe

  • 18th May - Southside Community Centre

  • 25th August - Beyond Borders Festival, Traquair House

  • 10th October - Edinburgh University


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