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Charles Piazzi Smyth 200: Exhibition at Nelson Monument, Calton Hill and film

"The finished product is absolutely marvellous.(Go and see it!). The project was finished to a very high standard, on time and on budget. 

As the principle client, I found them very easy to work with, and had great confidence in their reliability. I was able to work with them as a collaborative team, respecting our relative roles.

Whilst they always respected me as the originator and client, we worked closely together, along with a handful of other key individuals, brainstorming creative ideas and styles. I was very happy to be guided by their judgement. They understood the aims of the project, and shared in the passion behind it."

Professor Andy Lawrence, Regius Professor of Astronomy, Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh



The Open Door: Film and two trailers

"I can highly recommend Kev and Trina from Written in Film. Their passion, skill , patience and enthusiasm as documentary film makers and story tellers enabled them to capture the essence of who we are and what we do at The open Door. They have created a powerful visual story for us to use in raising funds for our service and public awareness of our community projects. It has been a pleasure working with Kev and Trina. I cannot thank them enough for the invaluable resource they have made for us."

Kirsteen Powell, Day Care Manager, The Open Door, Edinburgh 22.07.19

Multi-Cultural Family Base: 20th Anniversary film shown at the Scottish Parliament

"The finished film was of a high quality reflecting the work and commitment that Trina and Kev had put into the project.  It managed to capture the essence of a complex agency and the work it undertakes.  Different scenarios were blended into a meaningful message with good use of music, film and stills.  The film conveyed a strong message with a powerful emotional appeal.

All our staff commented that they felt Kev and Trina had a real in depth understanding and alignment with the values and ethos of our agency and work.  We felt that they had an emotional connection to our work and this was conveyed in the film."   

Steve Gowenlock, Chief Executive, Multi-Cultural Family Base, Edinburgh   29.07.19



Syrian Voices: Film shown at community venues across Edinburgh followed by discussion

Written in Film undertook the project with great patience, sensitivity and skill. Their film ‘Syrian Voices’ provides a gentle and moving account of three refugee families in Edinburgh and is proving extremely effective in generating discussion amongst diverse community groups across the city and encouraging individuals to engage further with our work.

We have really enjoyed working with Written in Film on this project. They have been involved at all stages, from early ideas to full story development, through to filming, production, and the facilitation of community screenings and discussions. Together we have had to navigate many complexities and challenges along the way, but working with Written in Film has always been professional, constructive and stimulating.

Elaine Mowat, Co Director, The Welcoming. Edinburgh  21.12.17

"It is impossible to watch this film and remain prejudiced"

Edinburgh University screening: Syrian Voices 2017

"This is a "kind" film, unlike other documentary films, it addressed a sad and hurting topic but in a very kind way. Being a Syrian, I didn't feel hurt or emotionally distressed at any moment throughout the whole movie - surprisingly it made me laugh with its sense of humour..."

Churches for Sanctuary Screening, Syrian Voices 2017

Syrian Voices is beautiful - positive and sad at the same time, with humour and background music whilst at the same time haunting..."

St Giles Cathedral Screening, Syrian Voices 2016

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